Android app does not override system when all sounds are muted

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 and the following are enabled for me on the PagerDuty app (latest version):

  • high-urgency notifications, low-urgency notifications, and all other notifications are enabled (sound)
  • high-urgency override system volume is enabled

However, when I have my phone on silent (meaning ringtone, system, notifications, and media volumes are all set to 0), PagerDuty does not override those settings and I do not get an audible notification.

When I test this, I get a push notification but it is silent. If I have vibrate on, then it only vibrates. Only when I have my phone ringtone volume turned on do I get notified audibly.

Hello @clara,

Please a few things: Can you confirm the app version you have installed? Also the Android version running on your device and we will take it from there.


I have the same issue, which also appears to be related to the issue in this link:

Samsung Galaxy S8, Android v9, PagerDuty 5.91 (8160)

Hi @mm,

The current tentative scheduled date for the release of the next App version with the fix for this issue is the 30th of March.
Please do let us know if the issue persists once you have updated the app.


Hello All,

My apologies, it does appear Samsung users are still having issues with the app; this has been raised internally and they are working to get it fixed.
However, due to the current climate, we do not have an expected release date just yet; we would let you know once we do.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, can I suggest that you download the contact card, add PagerDuty Outgoing Numbers to Favourites, and rely on SMS and phone notifications for now?